The four best smart home appliances

‘The four best smart home appliances’ - now on Intelligent Home Blog

We recently got featured on Intelligent Home Blog! A special article written especially for smart home lovers is published by them. It will show you the most popular features of a smart home.

This blog page is a platform that offers the most up-to-date content for smart home technologies. A blog that explains how all smart home systems work, as well as the content of major brands that produce smart home products.

When we say smart house, many people think of a system where air condition, kitchen robots, lights, shutters and similar devices are remotely controlled by us but KNX offers a lot more than that, and it really shows us how SMART HOME is going.

Some of the services offered by KNX are air conditioners that determine the room temperature itself, the automatic shutter control according to the angle of the sun, smart lighting systems, air conditioners that adjust the room temperature according to the number of people as well as the smart lock systems. Read more here!

Read more here!

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The book for your KNX success


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