Gira Tastsensor 3


The Gira touch sensor 3 allows many intelligent building technology functions to be conveniently controlled at the press of a button: It’s possible to switch the light on, dim it, raise or lower blinds, save or call up light scenes, and much more. And in the process, its operation adapts to the occupants’ needs. The Gira touch sensor 3 is available in three models: Basis, Komfort and Plus.

Touch sensor 3 Basis

The Gira touch sensor 3 enables convenient control of the most important basic functions of intelligent building technology. It is very flexible and adapts to the occupants’ needs: And if the functions change, the button assignment can be easily reprogrammed.

Touch sensor 3 Komfort

The Gira touch sensor 3 Komfort is particularly convenient for controlling complex functions. Compared with the Basis model, it offers more operating convenience thanks to additional features such as three-colour LED status lighting and an integrated temperature sensor.

Touch sensor 3 Plus

The Gira touch sensor 3 Plus not only enables a wide variety of KNX system functions to be operated conveniently, but also offers a quick overview of the status of individual functions, thanks to its integrated display. In addition, the installed temperature controller allows easy control of the room temperature.


Rating   no ratings
Configurable without ETS plugin Yes
Integrated temperatur sensor Yes
Integrated room controller Yes
Touch surface No
Auxiliary voltage not required Yes
Price category € - €€€€€

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The book for your KNX success

The book for your KNX success